Sweden assumes NORDEFCO chairmanship for 2011

2012-05-31 sweden
Author: nordefco.org
Sweden assumes NORDEFCO chairmanship for 2011

In accordance with the rotating chairmanship principle, Sweden will chair the NORDEFCO for 2011, taking over after Norway. During the year, Sweden will continue to develop the cooperation and pay special interest to the cooperation in on-going operations, such as Afghanistan. 

1 January 2011, Sweden took over the presidency in Nordefco, the Nordic Defence cooperation from Norway. Director- General for Political Affairs at the Swedish Ministry of Defence, Mr Johan Raeder, will represent Sweden and chair the Policy Steering Committee, PSC.

- Sweden has tree goals during this presidency. Continuing the security dialogue, ensuring an effective cooperation and also the continuing work with military operations, Johan Raeder says. Today there are about 50 studies and projects running in Nordefco.

Some of them might involve all the Nordic countries, and others just two or three, but all the countries projects are open to all.

- In 2011 our focus will be on executing ongoing studies and projects towards their goals rather than launching new ones. Any obstacles in the studies and projects, will be addressed.

The security dialogue will concern developments in the Nordic region, the Baltic Sea and the Arctic areas.

- We´d also like to continue Nordefcos work regarding the initiative of African Capability building. This has similarities to what the Nordic countries have managed to do in the Balkan countries earlier. Johan Raeder says, that with coordinated efforts the outcome is greater.

Although the Nordefco organisation is young, the Nordic Defence cooperation has a long tradition and that goes for operations as well. In former and ongoing operations the Nordic countries have good experiences and there are many examples where coordinated efforts have increased the effects.


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