21st anniversary of the Croatian Armed Forces

2012-06-04 croatia
Author: EMPA
21st anniversary of the Croatian Armed Forces

Today when we celebrate the anniversary of the Croatian Armed Forces, we need to emphasize the quality of CAF, which has been confirmed not only in the Homeland War but also in the UN and NATO missions, as well as in activities carried out in the country to help civilian population - the President of the Republic of Croatia and Commander-in-Chief of the Croatian Armed Forces Ivo Josipović said on May 27, after he visited the weapons and equipment display of the Armed Forces and Police, upon the marking the 21st anniversary of the Croatian Armed Forces, Armed Forces Day and the Day of the Croatian Army in recreation and sport centre Jarun. President congratulated all members of the Armed Forces on what they do and said he was satisfied with the CAF.
On this occasion, Defence Minister  Anto Kotromanović said there was a clear plan and vision of equipping and modernization of the CAF by 2015. He noted that a number of savings have been already made. "These funds will be used for training, equipping and modernization", Kotromanović said.
The celebration of the Armed Forces Day at Jarun offered many activities. The visitors, who have in great numbers throughout the day came to Jarun, were presented the publications of the Croatian military magazines, career opportunities in the Armed Forces, attractive flying programme of the air show group Wings of Storm, and parachute jumps of the Special Operations Battalion paratroopers.


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