New airplane for the Serbian armed forces

2012-06-03 serbia
Author: Radenko Mutavdzic
New airplane for the Serbian armed forces

Ministry of Defence purchased for the Military Geographical Institute the state-of-the-art digital technological line for aerial photogrammetric survey.

The set of equipment includes a Piper Seneca V aircraft produced by the US manufacturer Piper Aircraft, with an integrated Aerial Digital Sensor ADS80 of the Swiss manufacturer Leica Geosystems AG, and the associated software.

The investment worth 2.7 million euros allows for collection and analysis of geospatial data in digital form in accordance with contemporary standards of the countries of the European Union. This creates conditions for the development and implementation of geographic information system of the Republic of Serbia and the establishment of a digital geospatial database for the needs of the Serbian Armed Forces.

In addition to aerial photography, the plane provides conditions for specific training of the members of the air force and transport of passengers for the needs of MoD and SAF.

The introduction of digital aerial photography is important for re-establishing our own aerial photogrammetry survey of the territory of the Republic of Serbia, which was first done by the Military Geographical Institute back in 1950. This is to revitalize the national aerial photogrammetry service which saves budget funds, avoiding costly and lengthy process of engagement of custom services of foreign companies.

The data collected by this equipment will benefit to the defence system, but also to other, civilian users in the country. The equipment allows the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia to be surveyed in standard cycles of 3-5 years, making it easier and faster to develop city plans of all municipalities and cities in Serbia.

Digital geospatial data will be of valuable benefit to all future designers of highways, oil pipelines, gas pipelines and other infrastructural facilities, which will provide quick return on investment.

The plane landed at Batajnica airbase on 24th January. During the customs clearance procedure, after which the process of receiving the aircraft by the MoD and SAF Commission will begin as well as the verification procedure by the Technical Test Centre in order to introduce the aircraft into service in SAF.


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