SAF search and rescue team in the rescue action in Cemernik

2012-06-01 serbia
Author: Radenko Mutavdzic
SAF search and rescue team in the rescue action in Cemernik

Members of the search and rescue team of the 63rd Parachute Battalion of the Army of Serbia were evacuated Branislav Kocic ho has been in Ostrozub village covered in snow On Cemernik to Ruplje village, and then to the Center for Emergency Situations in Leskovac.

According to Majors Dejan Stosic and Goran Stojanovic, the rescue operation lasted for four hours at a temperature of -30 C in the snow more than 1 m high. The most critical was the moment when the snowmobile ran into a frozen creek when the ice was broken, but the members of the 63rd Battalion quickly pulled it out and continued further action.

Major Goran Stojanovic said that it was one of the most difficult actions the Service and pf the search and rescue operations have ever been involved in.
- It was not just a problem to reach the village, but also reach the very house where you could not see roof from snow. We had to separate in two teams, and we maintained contact by radio - Major Stojanovic says, adding that Branislav, who was in serious condition, was found by Sergeant Goran Cvetkovic.

Branislav Kocic said he was very surprised when, after hearing human voices after 40 days. He thanked the Army for saving him, as he had lost all hope he would survive and that he would be ever found by anyone. After the successful rescue operation the villagers of Ruplja gathered and thanked members of the 63rd Parachute Battalion for saving neighbor, as they did not know for more than a month if he was alive or not.

During the tour of southern Serbia, Chief of General Staff Lieutenant-General Ljubisa Dikovic offered the Mayor of Crna Trava Army’s help in rescuing Branislav Kocic, which offer was accepted right away.

The 13-member team for search and rescue of the 63rd Parachute Battalion Special Brigade started the operation from Predejane, where they were transported to the village of Ruplje. From there on, the two teams on snowmobile and a special team set off on foot to the village of Ostrozub. Due to the height of snow and terrain, snowmobile could reach as far as two kilometers from the village.

Members of the Serbian Army managed to reach Branislav on Wednesday and bring him medication and food. In the village of Ostrozub, they spent the night and today began evacuating Branislav by stretcher and snowmobile.

The search and rescue company of the 63rd Parachute Battalion was equipped snowmobile JETY PRO V-800, model LYNX, the Finnish production. Operators of snowmobiles are capable of transporting combat teams and supplying units to inaccessible terrain in winter conditions as snowmobiles are often used from December to April is often used.

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