Course for CPOF operators and HIIDE equipment operation

2012-07-16 poland
Author: Lieut. Agnieszka Pytko
Course for CPOF operators and HIIDE equipment operation


Information Command Systems, 3D Map and biometric equipment are modern tools of the soldier on a mission.

12th Mechanised Brigade (from Szczecin) prepares intensively for the 12 rotation of the Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan that will occur in the autumn of this year. Currently, soldiers ended one of the intensive trainings in information equipment operation of command systems called Command Post of the Future (CPOF), which took place in Szczecin.

CPOF training is carried out before going on a mission. It is intended mainly for the soldiers, who will operate the CPOF command system on the PMC mission in Afghanistan. Soldiers are trained now in order to be perfectly prepared for the operation in Afghanistan - says Cpt. Peter Puchała from the 12th Mechanised Brigade.

For more than two years CPOF training is organized in Poland by the Joint Multinational Training Command for the Military Unit in Poland, which goes on a mission to Afghanistan. CPOF training is also accompanied by the practical training on biometric equipment operation called Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment (HIIDE). The training is intended for all soldiers operating outside the military base on the mission. The training aims at rapid identification of terrorists and assassins – says David Pippin, head of the Mission Command System Specialist Digital University team. HIIDE biometric equipment consists of a fingerprint scanner, two lenses: one for shooting portraits, the other to capture the eye. It has a built-in flash and IR (infrared). Its curved shape without unnecessary bulges facilitates the work in harsh combat conditions. It is solidly built, and at the same time, it is very light. For a soldier, for whom this will be an additional job during a patrol, this equipment is handy and easy to use. Even a few hour training will give a thorough knowledge on the equipment, because it is very intuitive to use. Biometric equipment is assigned to each platoon a going outside a military base in Afghanistan - continues David Peppin. The training was designed mainly for regular soldiers, because they are involved in daily patrols and are in contact with local people.

The CPOF command system, on which trained officers and non-commissioned officers, has extensive possibilities to exchange information and voice communications. This enables users of the command system to process data very fast. The equipment allows for efficient and rapid response during operations. Its primary goal is to shorten lines of communication between individual cells. Furthermore, during the course the soldiers learned how to depict and plan operations and reflect the tactical situation in 3D and 2D.

CPOF-like systems enable to improve so-called situational awareness of participants of the battlefield and are one of the pillars of modern concepts for conducting military operations known as Network Centric Warfare - says first lieut. Iwo Listewnik from the 12th Mechanised Brigade.

Such command system is more portable and requires smaller amount of people involved in the project. This allows quicker diagnosis and better understanding of the changing tactical situation - says Cpt. Sebastian Grel from the 12th Mechanised Brigade.

In the training took part the soldiers from 12th Mechanised Brigade, who are planned for the Battle Group and the Polish Military Contingent for the 12 rotation to Afghanistan.


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