European Defence Conference 2012

2012-07-05 czech republic
Author: Jan Wind
European Defence Conference 2012

In current times of economic austerity European cooperation is becoming more and more important to maintain or improve our defence capabilities, can be read in many articles of NATO, EU, EDA, national governments and think tanks. This statement is very true: sharing costs is most often less expensive than paying the bill all by yourself!

In defence technology and capability development cross-border cooperation however is more complex than in many other economic sectors. Security policies and issues, national and industrial interests, forms of protection (still) and other factors contribute to this complexity. Many nations, industries and other players are trying to find the best options and opportunities for cooperation, but false starts and failures still occur too often.


The European Defence Conference (EDC) has been created to improve European cooperation in Defence Technology and Capability development. The highly interactive 2012 programme addresses the NATO SMART Defence, EDA Pooling & Sharing and other recent initiatives. High level speakers from NATO, NIAG, EDA, the European Parliament and the European Commission (DG-ENTR) will explain their views on cooperation in plenary sessions. They will particularly address how SMART Defence and Pooling & Sharing could be made effective and how industry can be engaged. Some of them in a provocative manner to challenge current policies and plans.


Opportunities for industry and Public Private Partnership (PPP) will be explored and cooperative project proposals presented in the highly interactive programme. Participants will discuss regional cooperation, human aspects of cooperation and options for private financing in debate sessions. Panel discussions focus from various angles on interdependency and sovereignty issues, on major technological challenges and on current projects in the NATO, EDA and EC environment.


The EDC2012 also provides an opportunity to present research results and proposals for new projects in poster presentations. Proposal for these sessions still can be posted on-line.


The EDC is independent from multinational institutions, national governments and industries to allow for open discussion. During the discussion part of all sessions the Chatham House rule will be in force to allow for free discussion among the participants and speakers.

Results of the EDC will be published on various sites, magazines and  will be shared with EDA, NATO HQ and other relevant authorities.


Opportunities to exhibit the innovative capabilities of your company are still available.


The second edition of the EDC will be held on 9 and 10 October 2012 in Prague.

See for information and registration.  


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