Slovenia hosted navies from six countries

2012-07-24 slovenia
Author: Marko Pišlar
Slovenia hosted navies from six countries

Military vessels from Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Greece and Italy participated in international naval military exercise ADRION LIVEX 2012 in Slovenia which was conducted in June 2012 in the port of Koper in Slovenia, in the Slovenian territorial sea and in international waters. The exercise organised by Slovenia's military forces command is to strengthen regional cooperation of naval forces. The exercise was being attended by a patrol boat P-132 Oriku with 24-member crew from Albania, Montenegro's tugboat PR-41 with a 15-member crew and a military ship Vukovar 41 with 30 crew members from Croatia. Greece participated with a gunboat P-268 Aittitos with a crew of 59, while Italy sent a patrol boat P-409  with 76 crew members. Slovenia as a host country participated with both of its military vessels, patrol boat Ankaran 21 and new military vessel Triglav 11. Exercise ADRION LIVEX 12 was a multilateral naval exercise carried out in order to improve the interoperability of the ADRION Initiative navies in the implementation of maritime operations such as search and rescue, force protection, maritime manoeuvring and communications, maritime interception operations, and training of procedures in planning and implementation of multinational operations to strengthen security at sea. The implementation of the exercise is the continuation of further strengthening of ADRION Initiative as the most important forms of regional cooperation and mutual trust of navies of countries with access to the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea.

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