Finnish Navy to participate in operational maritime oil pollution response exercise Balex Delta

2012-08-29 finland
Author: The Finnish Defence Forces
Finnish Navy to participate in operational maritime oil pollution response exercise Balex Delta


The Navy will participate in the largest ever oil pollution response exercise to be conducted in the Baltic Sea. The Balex Delta exercise, coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute will be held at sea off the coast of Helsinki from 28-29 August 2012.


Some 500 persons will attend the exercise along with over twenty pollution response vessels from nine different countries.


All three of the environmental disaster vessels at the disposal of the Navy will take part in Balex Delta 2012. These are oil recovery vessels Hylje and Halli and multi-purpose vessel Louhi.


In addition to this, a boat platoon from the Gulf of Finland Naval Command will also participate in the exercise. The platoon will be composed of reservists in refresher training with the local defence troops along with the Vaarlahti transport vessel.


In connection with the exercise, the naval units will train for their main task. The Finnish Navy's vessels will take part in e.g. command centre activities, containing oil spills, using open sea booms, removing fuel from an ailing vessel, transferring recovered oil from one vessel to another, emergency towing and fire fighting at sea. The boat platoon will cooperate with the rescue services in tasks such as oil reconnaissance, logistics and transportation as well as assist in tasks to recover and contain oil in the sea.


The Balex Delta exercise will begin on 28 August with a national oil pollution prevention exercise that, in addition to the authorities, will also include volunteers and reservists from the local defence troops. The exercise will simulate a large-scale oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Finland.


As would be the case in a real situation, international troops will arrive at the scene of the accident 24 hours after the event. Foreign oil pollution response authorities will then participate in the preventive measures. 


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