Postcard from / to Afghanistan

2012-11-20 poland
Author: Agnieszka Pytko
Postcard from / to Afghanistan

The most beautiful cards made by children from selected schools in our Voivodship will go to our troops stationed in Afghanistan.


Postcards made by the children will go to the soldiers of the 12th Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan. Once again, the 12th Mechanised Brigade of Szczecin - where most soldiers of the 12th Polish Military Contingent come from – organizes, in collaboration with the Municipal Cultural Center in Gmina Dobra, a project aimed at children of classes 4-6 of elementary schools and junior high school students, called “Postcard from/to Afghanistan". The competition is addressed to school children from Gmina Dobra and children from special education centers located on the territory of the West Pomerania Voivodship. The honorary patronage over the competition took the Marshal of the West Pomerania Mr Olgierd Geblewicz.


Artworks will be done in any technique and will include wishes addressed to the soldiers. Artistic Director of the project is Ewa Hrynkiewicz from the Municipal Cultural Centre in Dobra Szczecinska. Authors of the best postcards will be awarded with prizes funded by the Marshal of the Voivodshipand Mayor of Gmina Dobra Mrs Teresa Dera. Artworks will be exhibited during the post-competition exhibition at the Pomeranian Library in the period from 21st to 28th of November 2012. Then the artworks will be sent to Afghanistan by military air mail and will go to the soldiers of the 12th Polish Military Contingent - including American soldiers from Illinois who are part of 12th Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan.


Children can expect that the soldiers will also write few words to them (on the specially printed mission postcards with the logo of the and the Mission and the Brigade) from a distant country in which they serve. For both sides this correspondence will be a nice experience in the cold winter days, especially for our soldiers, who are away from home serving on the mission in Afghanistan.



Soldiers of the General Jozef Haller 12th Mechanized Brigade of Szczecin constitute the main combat unit of the 12th Polish Military Contingent in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The 12th replacement in the Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan is made up of 1,800 soldiers, including the soldiers of the 12th Mechanised Division, 12th Commander Battalion, 2nd Mechanized Brigade and 7th Brigade of Coastal Defence. Contingent commander is Brigadier General Andrzej Tuz, in the country serving as the 12th Mechanized Brigade commander. Blue Brigade is one of the best equipped and trained Army troops. The soldiers took part in a number of stabilization missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. They formed the core of the 3rd and 4th replacement in the Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan. To sum up, during the last several years many soldiers from Szczecin served in Afghanistan, and for a large part of them current service at the foot of the Hindu Kush is not the first one.


Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan carries out the tasks of a training and stabilization type. They help the Afghan people to survive winter, support the process of building structures of the Afghan authorities, government agencies and especially support and train Afghan Security Forces. They also maintain extensive civil-military cooperation.


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