Preparation of the 2nd battalion of 12th Mechanised Brigade to the NATO Response Force 2014 in full

2013-02-26 poland
Author: Agnieszka Pytko
Preparation of the 2nd battalion of 12th Mechanised Brigade to the NATO Response Force 2014 in full


An interview with the Commander of the 2nd Battalion of motorized infantry of 12th Mechanised Brigade - lieutenant colonel Paweł Skuza.



Sir, please tell me what does achieving readiness under NRF mean?


Achieving readiness under NRF means to implement a series of trainings according to the "Concept to prepare and maintain in readiness mechanized battalions and air defence regiments of 12th Mechanized Brigade to NRF 2014". As a result of training and preparation carried out in the course of polygons, mechanized battalion of NATO Response Force 2014 is able to perform the tasks under the Article V of the Washington Treaty and to participate in crisis response operations, including peace support.


12th Mechanised Brigade, and more specifically the 2nd Battalion, is to achieve readiness under NRF, which states for NATO Response Force. When exactly?


According to the orders of superiors, the battalion of NRF 2014 shall achieve readiness by 31 December 2013.


What does this mean for the individual soldier, who is a part of NRF?


For soldiers forming part of NATO Response Force, this means availability, increased physical activity associated with participation in numerous polygon training. And thus, very demanding mental and physical exercises, in different weather conditions, and many days and weeks spent away from home and away from family.


What are the procedures for conscription of soldiers to NRF service. Whether soldiers must undergo a separate medical commission similar to the one before leaving on a mission?


Every soldier, who is in the NRF mechanized battalion, undergoes a series of tests, which result in a decision of the Local Military Medical Commission on the service ability outside the country under NATO Response Forces 2014 duty. Furthermore, a soldier must have a current vaccination booklet and pass a DNA test.


In view of the fact that in 2014 we achieve readiness under NRF, does it mean that our soldiers may be deployed in the service to perform duties outside the country?


Yes. Under NRF 2014 duty, it is possible to use our ​​battalion to perform tasks outside the country.


Does NRF have already a full complete set?


Yes. It has 100 percent.


Are women a part of NRF? What is the percentage?


Currently, the percent of women in the NRF battalion is 3% of the complete set.


How do you assess the preparation of the battalion to NRF tasks?


Preparation of the battalion to the NRF 2014 tasks is carried out at a good level.


In view of achieving readiness to NRF, is the battalion exempt from the current work? Or is it rather an additional project?


No, it's not. This is an additional project for our battalion.


Will the 2nd motorized infantry battalion of Stargard Szczecinski, which forms a part of NRF, undergo certification? Do you plan polygon training together with our Allies?


2014 NRF Battalion undergoes certification from the team level to the battalion level, and soon, we will carry out an international exercise codenamed STEADFAST JAZZ 13.


Is this the first such project for the 2nd motorized infantry battalion?


No, we already have experience in the performance of duty under NATO Response Force. The 2nd motorized infantry battalion of the 12th Mechanised Brigade will be on duty for the second time under NRF. The first time was in 2012.


Thank you for your time.


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