GLORY & GLOOM; living with the World War I 1914 – 1918

2014-04-01 austria
Author: Karl-Heinz Eisler
GLORY & GLOOM; living with the World War I 1914 – 1918

In the Renaissance „Schallaburg Castle“, located about 80km west of Vienna an exibition from 29.03.- 09.11.2014 takes place in commemorating the outbreak of World War I.

10 Mio soldier and 6 Mio civilian died under gruelful circumstances. 1000 objects from 140 national and international sources remember in the 1 300m² exhibition centre. The main point of the exhibition is, to show how people handled their life during that time and continue cultural activities mainly in painting and literature. Of course some exhibition objects like maps, weapons, fotographs, letters and uniforms point especially to the big European Conflict.

If you spend by chance some days in Austria don`t hestitate to see the „Schallaburg“ in Lower Austria. It`s very easy to go there.

Pictures: Schallaburg, Original War Declaration signed by emperor Franz - Josef      

WK 1 Schallaburg 03 14 005.JPG


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