Finshed! DER SOLDAT (1956 – 2014)

2014-12-22 austria
Author: Col Karl-Heinz Leitner
Finshed! DER SOLDAT (1956 – 2014)

On Wednesday, December 17, 2014, the very last edition of the Austrian Newspaper for Military and Security Policy, DER SOLDAT, was published.

As the Austrian MoD and CHOD have decided to unsubscribe the SOLDAT for the MoD and the Armed Forces and even to abandon all advertisements, the publisher of the SOLDAT had to cease the production of the newspaper.

After more than 58 years and exactly 1,409 editions one of the most successful military media in Austria has vanished.

Col Karl-Heinz Leitner

Editor in Chief of DER SOLDAT



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