Minister of Defence inspects construction of temporary border barrier

2015-11-27 hungary
Author: MoD Press Department
Minister of Defence inspects construction of temporary border barrier

Dr. István Simicskó visited the Hódmezővásárhely forward command post of the HDF Joint Force Command in mid-September. On 30th September, he and Gen. Dr. Tibor Benkő were informed about the progress of construction on the temporary border security fence, the accommodation of military personnel and the activity of soldiers involved in police work.

Following the visit, the Minister of Defence stated that “our soldiers are working on a very difficult terrain. At the same time, my experience is that they are highly dedicated and doing an excellent job.” Dr. István Simicskó emphasized that the soldiers are doing their best in order to complete the Temporary Security Barrier on time, sparing no effort.

“I am satisfied that that the soldiers’ accommodation and working conditions are good, they have come from many garrisons, but everybody has found his task, and thanks to their commanders, work is progressing in an organized and motivated fashion”, the Minister of Defence stated.

During the visit, Dr. István Simicskó concluded that all Hungarians can be proud of their soldiers who are working to make sure that people can live their everyday lives in safety. They deserve respect for moving out of their barracks to defend the borders of the country in the current crisis situtation. He said that having realized the danger and the new challenge, the government had made a decision to involve the Hungarian Defence Forces, as they are taking decisive and effective action in the interest of Hungary’s security.

During the visit to the region of Gyékényes, the Minister of Defence and the Chief of Defence also determined further activities concerning the construction of the border barrier and other tasks.