Re-thinking Strategy

2016-05-24 austria, conference
Re-thinking Strategy

ÖMZ-EMPA Pilot Conference: Re-thinking Strategy

at the Austrian National Defence Academy

22-24 June 2016


From 22-24 June 2016, the Austrian Military Journal (ÖMZ), together with the European Military Press Association (EMPA), will host a conference on Re-thinking Strategy at the Austrian National Defence Academy in Vienna.

This event will be the first of its kind under the aegis of the ÖMZ’s editorial office and therefore a trial run at creating a European platform for strategic as well as military-scientific communication and discussion. It will make use of the services of the ÖMZ’s high-ranking experts (authors, peers, partners). The aim is not only to further develop strategic thought and to underpin theory, but also to include extra-European perspectives, in accordance with its strategic objective. The focus will also be on military publications as the mediators of strategic debate and the advancement of military science, and as instruments of strategic communication.

From 21-22 June 2016, prior to this event, the Centre for People-Oriented Leadership and Defence Policy organises a conference on Re-Thinking Clausewitz, also at the Austrian National Defence Academy. Attending both, closely related, events will provide a compact overview of the status quo with regard to the military-scientific discussion of strategy issues.

Attendance at either event is free. Travel costs as well as accommodation will have to be met by participants. The conference language is German; all communications will, however, be simultaneously translated into English.

This initial invitation will be followed by the finalised programme and a registration form. However, those who have already decided to attend will find a registration form enclosed with this communication.

We hope to have piqued your interest in these events and look forward to your participation.

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