The 2017 Vienna Conference on Strategy

2017-05-31 austria, conference
The 2017 Vienna Conference on Strategy


The Austrian Military Journal (ÖMZ), together with the European Military Press Association (EMPA) and the Centre for Leadership and Defence Awareness (CLDA) host the 2017 Vienna Conference on Strategy. The first part, Cognitive-Scientific Foundations of Strategy is organised by the CLDA, the second part Re-thinking Strategy - Can Strategy Be Taught? Structure and Content of a Subject Called Strategic Thinking by the ÖMZ.



At the 2016 Conference a basic understanding of strategy was delineated. This will serve as the basis from which the cognitive-scientific foundations of strategy will be analysed. Subsequently, the question will be posed, whether strategy can be taught, what the structure of a possible future subject called strategic thinking should look like, what its contents should be,         which interdependencies between parts/constituents should be identified and considered in order to explain and convey the complexity of the subject holistically and organically/ systemically, and        how the interaction of the various parts/constituents should be controlled.

A typical test question in this regard could be: “Is it possible, based on the Conference results, to define the structure of a Strategy Compendium, on the basis of which future decision takers can be introduced to the subject Strategic Thinking?


Attendance at either event is free. Travel costs as well as accommodation will have to be met by participants. The conference language is German; all communications will, however, be simultaneously translated into English.

This invitation includes the preliminary programme and a registration form.

We hope to have piqued your interest in these events and look forward to your participation.




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