Norway 2016

1. Photo

Photographer: Svein Arstad
Perspectives in the mountains
For veterans , this is both an internal and external migration. You get a new perspective on life and can think «slow thoughts», says military chaplain Kyrre Klevberg
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Photographer: Erling Eikli
School Music
Carrying a tuba , clarinet and saxophone Nicolai Rese , Karoline Cross Hagen and Anders Rønningen visited Sunbury Primary School. The three guardsmen were more than happy to spend a little of their leisure-time on a school visit. 300 pupils and teachers were assembled in the main hall of the school. The school band, together with the three Guardsmen, played Australia’s national anthem. Nicolai also
enthralled the audiences with a solo-performance on his tuba. On their way out of the main hall an excited pupil stopped the Guardsmen.
With both thumbs up he exclaimed: - Norway forever!
That was marvellous! – It was very rewarding to visit a primary school, said Karoline. Interested pupils also got an insight into the Norwegian conscription. And the excitement reached new levels when the pupils got to try on the military hats. They lined up and for a short while got the chance to be a little Norwegian Gardist.


3. Photo

Photographer: Torbjørn Løvland
Operation Roasme
The Artillery Battalion recreated operation Roasme, where they had to haul a cannon to the top of the Roasme-mountain.
4. Photo
Photographer: Christian Nørstebø
The explanation
In just under six hours Chief of Defence Haakon Bruun-Hanssen attend meetings in Harstad , Andøya and Sortland, which are bases he wants to close down
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Photographer: Christian Nørstebø
Secret students
The students do their basic officer training in parallel with their education
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Photographer: Christian Nørstebø
The biggest challenges arise towards the end of the rafting trip. Cheers of joy can be heard over the rumble of the waterfalls as the biggest challenge is completed without mishap.