Serbian peacekeepers sending off to Lebanon

Minister of Defence presented the Commander of the Infantry Company deployed to a peacekeeping mission with the national flag of the Republic of Serbia and on that occasion he said that the flag be the symbol which in the course of history had always led all the Serbian officers and soldiers. The Major promised to the Minister that the unit will give its best to perform the tasks assigned to it in the zone of UNIFIL peacekeeping operation responsibly and professionally.

So far our members have been successfully engaged in UN peacekeeping missions in East Timor, Burundi, Chad and the Central African Republic. At the moment we are engaged in the UN operations in Liberia, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of Lebanon, Republic of Cyprus, and in the area of the Near East. SAF members are also engaged in the two UN led peacekeeping operations in Somalia and in the “Atalanta“ operation in the waters of the Indian Ocean. By integrating into this important field of activities of the European Union, the Serbian Armed Forces contribute to the process of European integrations and accession of the Republic of Serbia to this union – said the Minister.

For the first time after Sinai in 1967, the Republic of Serbia deploys the unit at the level of company to the UNIFIL mission in Lebanon. The task will be realized by using the SAF armament and combat techniques in joint operations with partner armies. At present, the tasks are being realized by a total of 214 members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces in eight peacekeeping operations.

The Chief of the Centre for Peacekeeping Operations has pointed out that the members of infantry company are deployed to UN UNIFIL peacekeeping mission in Lebanon with the intention to prove, one more time, our capability, skill and willingness to contribute to regional and world peace in international environment.

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