The European Farmer Press Association meets in Helsinki

One of this year’s most inspiring events – the European Farmer Press Association’s Congress was held in Helsinki, Finland.

Congress delegates were hospitably welcomed by representatives of the Finnish defence industry offering an interesting program of numerous events and activities.

This Congress is an annual event that takes place in one of Association’s member states on a rotation basis. With its northern attraction, this year’s Congress brought together about 50 editors and representatives of military periodicals from 12 European countries, including Latvia.

Congress opening ceremony was attended by the Commandant of the Finnish National Defence University.


Congress delegates were offered a wide-ranging program of events which provided an opportunity to better understand the Finnish position on issues of security and defence policy. Since Finland is one of the countries with compulsory military service, one of Congress agenda’s priority issues was a discussion on strengths and weaknesses of compulsory military service. Finland has a large public support for compulsory military service – a study from 2012 shows that more than 70 percent of the Finnish population support it. EFPA’s members from Switzerland and Austria were the most active panellists in these discussions.

On 9 October Congress delegates visited the Gulf of Finland Naval Command where they met with the Base Commander. EFPA’s members were given an opportunity to see armament exhibition organized by the Association of Finnish Defence Industries. Among the different Finnish armament items it also exhibited the latest generation of Finnish company’s Patria armoured modular vehicles – PATRIA AMV. AFDA is a non-profit organization with the aim to promote the Finnish defence, aerospace and security industries.

While visiting the Finnish Navy missile boats and minesweepers, Congress delegates listened with great attentiveness and interest a crew member’s narrative on ship’s crew daily life and personnel duties as well as on vessels technical characteristics and capacities. After visiting the naval ships, EFPA’s members watched military divers’ demonstrations at the Finish Navy Dive School and visited the Finish Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre. Closing of the day in Lammi Island turned out to be a special adventure for everyone with opportunity to observe a coastal amphibious vehicles tactical operation.

After conclusion of the annual General Meeting, Congress delegates went on a ferryboat tour to a UNESCO World Heritage site – Suomenlinna Sea Fortress which was built in mid-18th century. Interestingly, the fortress is not just a museum but also a home to some 800 Finnish citizens. EFPA’s members also visited the Finish Naval Academy which is located at the Suomenlinna garrison where they received a presentation on the Nordic Defence Cooperation Program – NORDEFCO. The Commandant of the Naval Academy Captain gave a presentation on the Academy and the Finnish Navy.

EFPA unites managers from European military periodicals as well as security and defence policy experts who publish in European military and other media. EFPA’s Congresses significantly contribute to Association’s members understanding and knowledge on other countries’ defence industries. EFPA’s last year’s Congress was held in Prague, Czech Republic.

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