22nd Anniversary of the „Hrvatski vojnik“ Magazine

Much like all military units that proudly mark their anniversaries reminding them of difficult yet historical moments of their establishment, so did the Croatian military magazine „Hrvatski vojnik“ in mid-November. We too are commemorating our anniversary in a happy atmosphere for having had the privilege of being close the Croatian soldiers and of following them in their war- and peace-time duties alike. The pages of „Hrvatski vojnik“ reflect all minor and major Croatian victories alike, crowned by the final liberation of our country. Following the war, we continued to cover every step of the peace-time development of the Croatian Armed Forces, to record the most important moments of their growth intoa modern and professional military force, and to follow Croatian soldiers in peace missions in remote areas of the world. We have been with Croatian soldiers ever since our first issue and it has remained so to this day. Croatian soldiers remain our continuous inspiration and undepletable source of subjects.

We have made every effort to confirm ourselves as a magazine tha contribute to a comprehensive education of Croatian servicemen, opened a number of new topics, explored the achievements of other militaries and provided information on the state-of-the-art equipment and armament.

It is our hope that we are going to keep up the good work in the years ahead and to invest every effort to offer ever richer content. What we promise is that we are never going to lose the zeal of portraying the Croatian Armed Forces and aim to do so in a modern and attention-winning way.

The title „Hrvatski vojnik“ remains our title that we are proud of, and its pages will continue to feature the Croatian soldiers dominantly.

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