• General meeting

    The General Meeting is the supreme decision making body of EMPA. It is, in particular, entitled to:

    • approve of the annual report,
    • approve of the annual budget,
    • approve of the budget estimate,
    • elect the President and the other Board members,
    • elect the Auditors,
    • determine the EMPA languages,
    • dismiss members,
    • nominate honorary members,
    • comment on the proposals for time and place of the upcoming General Meetings,
    • Change of statutes,
    • Dissolution of EMPA


    • Regular General Meetings shall convence annually within three months after the end of an accounting year.
    • Extraordinary General Meetings shall be convenced
      • upon the decision of the Board, and
      • if requested by at least one fifth of the members.
    • The President shall give notice of regular and extraordinary General Meetings at least two months in advance. The agenda, as well as information on the general programme, and the costs for the participants, shall be included in the invitation.
    • Any properly convenced General Meeting shall have the right to make decissions.

    Passing of a resolution

    • Each member shall have one vote.
    • In addition, each member may at the most represent two (other) members not present in the Meeting. Mandates for representatives shall be submitted to the President in writing by the beginning of the Meeting at the latest.
    • Taking of votes and elections shall usually take place by open vote. If requested by one of the members present, the vote shall be secret ballot.
    • Changes in statutes and the dismissal of members require a majority of two thirds of the valid votes cast in the General Meeting.
    • For a resolution to dissolve EMPA, the provisions of Article 18 shall apply.
    • For other votes and for elections, the simple majority of all valid votes cast in the General Meeting shall suffice.
    • In a tie, the President shall have the casting vote.

    Motions submitted by members

    • Motions to extend the agenda shall be recieved by EMPA at least 30 days before the date set for the General Meeting.
    • Motions that have been recieved later, shall require the consent of the Board to be put on the agenda.