The board

The board


  • The Board shall officially represent EMPA, prepare the matters to be dealt with in the General Meetings and carry out its decissions.
  • The Board shall decide about admission of new members.


  • The Board shall be composed of the President, the First and Second Vicepresidents, the Secretary General and theTreasurer.
  • All members of the Board shall be elected by the General Meeting.


  • The Board shall be convened by the President
    • whenever he deems it necessary,
    • upon the request by the majority of the other Board members.
  • For a quorum, a minimum of three members required.
  • The Board may also take decissions by way of correspondence or use any other technical means.


  • The Board shall adopt rules of procedure which, among others, shall specify:
    • the areas of responsibility of its members,
    • the power to sign (individual or collective signature),
    • the persons authorized to officially represent EMPA (only Board members),
    • the procedure to be followed for decision-making.
  • For special and temporary tasks, the Board may invite one or more EMPA members (committees) who are not members of the Board.

Term of office

  • The term of office of the President and of all members shall be four years. They shall be eligible for re-election.
  • A change of all Board members at the same time shall be avoided, if possible.